How To Switch Androids And Use Binance And Google Authenticator?

you will be able to use binance app if you are using an android phone, or google authenticator if you only want to use the iphone.

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3) Create a new wallet (pending approval, this can take up to 24 hours). From that page go into account maintenance and keep all your funds there until you receive the notification that your account is transferred over. Watch for message saying which exchange it was sent on, ie binance or bitmex or livecoin etc.. Upon receiving notification copy link of transaction ID off of dashboard so you have it ready later when submitting form–as soon as two queue items are processed at Binance they will automatically move your coins from pending state before sending them to the exchange which has their own set timetable for processing–you don’t want to miss that deadline! You can check status of transactions by clicking settings icon > more settings > find activity tab on top right of page > see information about transfers there including number being processed alphabetically by exchange name under pipeline section which should match one of those mentioned above with no spaces in between! See how long it takes for them to send coins during normal working hours 8am-8pm EST Monday Friendsay through Friday–if no transactions are moving thru watch status changes for two days then contact support with problem…its not unusual for exchanges hours vary but normally anything up till