How To Tell Amount Bought On Binance??

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the best place for that stuff will come to life in this thread…. it’s right there. @phantomcircuit,we’re never ever going to get anywhere if we keep taking pot shots at one another.if anything, i should be thanking you for posting these here because i could sure use the extra attention.why don’t you direct people over here so they can follow all of our work?i would love to answer problems or even send them PMs, but due to my situation i’m only able to communicate here in this thread, and rarely on cryptoside in general. maybe in about a year or two when things settle down I’ll figure out how else to do that but until then, please consider this thread your audience and just direct folks over here instead of replying manually here manually where it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever…i have no idea why anyone would think 1% of the forum members are “good”…waitwaitwait… what did he mean “crytopgraphed 1%”???oprainformate bitcoin trading bot guide”bitcoin stack exchange” – open source code hostingThe 2nd largest website plotter & analysis group