How To Trade Eth For Alt Coin On Binance?

What i do is that i go to coinmarketcap and check the price of eth in USD. After that i just buy the most upper bid on binance, which gets me my eth at a better rate than if i would buy directly from their site for $1000. This way I avoid the hassle of signing up and sippin’ on stupid fees (like always happens when you try to deposit coins).

I’ve been using this method for years now with no trouble whatsoever. For me, it’s worth it to be able to purchase coins without burning your fingers.

Just make sure not to mix with other currencies such as btc or ltc (i don’t know why they ask for extra info like that but they do) … if you’re buying with dollars then you’re good. Always use bids instead of asks because there is a yearly “taker fee” attached to both methods; it’s really not terrible but just bear in mind when purchasing alt-coins. What I have done is buy ETH/LTC/DASH/BCH etc directly from CoinbaseWithout any difficulty … They are just steps away from giving us better prices whenever we want them?It’s very easy! You can get USD through bank wire or credit cards pretty easily so all you have to worry about are making sureyou have confirmed an account before doing so BS!!! It works great for me…First thing first.. Navigate