How To Transfer Btc To Xrp On Bifinance?

Can you send XRP to your change address? I can’t seem to find one. Can anyone please help me?


Also, is there any other way besides trading with Coincheck and how much risk would I be taking by doing so…? Hi all,I’ve been reading up on XRP, but I got curious about transferring btc/xrp to xrp on Bifinance (Coincheck).So basically, if I transfer 1 btc/2 btc to the exchange platform ,and then trade for say 1 xrp, then two methods are available:1)directly withdrawing into my wallet2)transferring 1 bitcoin into the exchange platform’s ask order tab.Advantages of the first 2 options:-you’ll get more XRP by paying a bit more in fees-it will take around 12 hours or less for it to show up in your walletafterwards:(from what it seems)-the fee is minimal compared to many crypto exchangesFor now this looks like an ideal method however there are some concerns that arise from this as well..The advantage of the second option is that if you’re sending tiny amounts at a time (~0.01btc), then its pretty much free(on top of the 0 fees they charge for each trade).The disadvantage here is because support doesn’t exist yet, i’m not entirely clear on what happens when large amounts are sent.It seems