How To Transfer Coin Back From Binance To Coinbase?

I have had some issues with Bitfinex – actually more on that via phone which proved I wasn’t nuts.

i am asking since i left binance but just got tagged up with some bots trying to suck my coinbase?

They are back at it! Binance is empty again.But luckily the new tech is online for this period so I can move all of these coins out of binance, over to Bittrex and allow Tether withdrawl from bittrex to Bitfinex. But first…Binance has tech tech tech.I’ve never seen anything like it – even though they don’t use blockchain tech!First they advertise their “deposit” feature with no clue how that works but then suppress that info, hide it then release information after you try (intentionally) not to look at/hear the info about deposits..Talk about lying through your teeth…Right now I’m moving tokens back into binance by withdrawing them with every exchange platform (thats fine with me since i mostly trade on Bittrex) and selling or hodling for a few minutes (depending on if its low volume day or high volume day). Then resuming withdrawals where you last stopped.(Note: Absolutely takes days upon days to get out of binance exchange hubs.)Meeting reports soon as well as 80% off everything in T&C’s software store!