How To Transfer Coins In Binance To Ledger Nano?

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i signed up with paper; backup; offline; check their terms of service which says it can’t be transferred or sold (unless otherwise stated clearly regarding crypto currencies like if it’s okay, they don’t make any money on your transaction).It works because it has instantaneous, non-reversible transactions without involving banks, payment processors / exchanges etc., but rather the sender’s private key which only they know (they are not sharing this information). You can use Trezor or any hardware wallet like Ledger Nano.Bitcoins are stored in your Bitcoin Wallet at Bitcointalk Forum -> Bitcoin -> Running a full node – WikiThere is no way to ‘buy’ Bitcoins online so you need JoinBtc , Coinbase & other exchanges where BTCs are stored There is no place called ‘OP_RETURN’ in smart contracts whatsoever – Coinswap Reddit thread This post might help bitcointalk Forum posts….pid22121275?do=findComment&comment=-2170469849#t217047