How To Transfer Cryptos From Coinbase To Binance?

You need to create an account with binance and deposit money on their exchange, or buy some cryptos (or sell something) and transfer it from coinbase to binance. It’s pretty easy, but take your time and stay calm while you’re doing it. There are a couple of videos on youtube that will helped you out if anything goes wrong. As for how to do that, after reading my answer below on the question above … just go to this website, have a look at the directions there then follow them through –

My wife asked me about Cryptocurrencies are they are good investments? are they worth trading?

I think it depends what you want to use them for? If someone wants to trade for their own profit, I’d go ahead because there are no taxes when you pay taxes already in most countries so if someone is earning profit aside from buying cryptos at all times then why not in Cryptocurrencies too?It could be also possible that in future cryptocurrencies might replace fiat currency maybe in 20 years or in 10 years even who knows ? tho this has not happened yet except ripple which may be removed by banks soon if its reported online!