How To Transfer From Bitcoin To Binance??

I’ve been searching for a while and still can’t find anything. I’m so confused, when I logged in to my account, there was all this information about how to transfer from here… but the instructions don’t go anywhere near it



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Jr. MemberActivity: 210Merit: 1 Re: Bitcoin vs. Ethereum September 16, 2018, 11:24:08 PM #14 Bitcoin is a decentralized network that uses open source software to operate with no involvement of any third party or central authorities governing the operations of Bitcoin network. Just like Bit coin does not have control over its accounting system and blockchain technology it offers its investors security by encrypting messages and recording financial transactions along with bitcoin addresses used for payment giving users anonymity when making transactions on the platform which is called as anonymity level 1 (in Bitshares). But Ethereum’s smart contracts are managed by code-based virtual machine code that executes thru Solidity Programming Language that works through tokens stored in the blockchain which gives Ethereum Smart Contracts their value and security provided they follow set rules and guidelines defined by creators of Ethereum Blockchain Network (Ethereum Foundation) like EIP20 Token Standard (the standard token contract for assets stored inside ethereum accounts) . The platforms provide developers tools such as solidity library & compiler runtimes , multicodec tools etc. They also allow the option of creating your own business logic leveraging other objects