How To Transfer Money From Binance To Bank Account?

You may want to transfer some of your bitcoin from Binance to another cryptocurrency wallet. This article will explain how.

Update 4/30/2018: Now that Binance has recently expanded into Europe, this guide makes more sense for you. Most of the information stays the same, but keep in mind that prices are different in each region! That being said, if you have any questions or concerns about money transfers on this page, please let me know in the comments section below. Thanks!

Did I mention Binance is one of my favorite crypto exchanges? One thing’s for sure…I can’t lose with it! But if you’ve been following me here at CCN long enough already then you know that everything isn’t perfect with them by are some pros and cons of binance coin exchange at this moment… For now their main drawback is its lack of fiat pairs…because most cryptos are getting listed there only every 10 minutes while BTCT remains unseen after almost 2 weeks after posting about it hours ago!!! If we go back to their last hack they hacked 138 mil coins though later they recovered all coins before reaching regulators??? well even hackers can be trusted 🙂 hope it will recover soon and try not to hold ones coins there too much and wait for better times than now….for instance when they add ETH pair so we could buy ETHJU tokens if tokens become available maybe cheaper than today!!