How To Transfer My Binance Accounts To Coinbase Pro?

Let me first show you how to create an account with Coinbase Pro. At the time of this post, Coinbase has officially announced its addition of SegWit support for all users – which I can’t express enough how exciting that is. Their desktop app now supports Segwit addresses, but only with the latest version of their iOS App (version 5.5).

There are two ways to do this. If you’re using Google Chrome, just navigate up to the top right side where there’s a search box and type in “Coinbase”. Then click on “Settings” within your coinbase account settings menu, which will take you to your Coins page at

Your “View Account Summary” page should look like this screenshot below:

Go ahead and download the free software called MetaMask (optional – not required for this tutorial). It basically emulates your true Bitcoin address on Ethereum compatible blockchains, like ERC-20 tokens like Binance Coin (BNB) or Tron (TRX), enabling everyone using it (including Coinbase via MetaMask) to send & receive Binance Coin & TRX whenever they want without having access to your balance on Binance itself! Once downloaded and installed through Metamask, go back up top and click on “Settings”. This will bring you back down underneath where you’ll see several tabs across the top including one labeled “Accounts”, checkmarking under that section something called “View