How To Transfer Ripple From Binance To Toast Wallet?

1) run this command in terminal:

bash cd ~/crypto rsync -avz –delete-after –set-owner 0.root uid=1000,user=0 -h 33233 -x /Users/xxx/.ToastCoin backup_10012952034833f73692953ecd901cb87e56a4fc0574d3bb67c769b1946bf5c” “–exclude='(Disk Failure|Session Exists)\'” 2 ) create a new wallet password to add into that back up 3) go into toast wallet and setup a new secret by clicking on the settings button then copy the long string from the top of your toast paper wallets’ account page when it says “show last 100 payments id’s.” 4) node for ripple is listed at:

how to transfer ripple from binance to breadwallet? 1) open breadwallet 2) select edit 3) click tools 4) Click XRP 5) Click “Unlock”. 6). Send all your identity keys and passport scan image to breadwallet so that they can verify you are actually who you say you are 7). Click back arrow 8