How To Transfer Usdt From Binance To Ledger Nano S?

We recommend you to use a Ledger Nano S if you want the most stable and safest wallet for storing your assets. You can connect it to any computer or smartphone via USB cable. It is very small, pocket-friendly and reliable.

It comes with a built-in OLED screen that confirms each transaction in a sequential order from bottom up from right to left, which makes it possible for users to be completely sure that zero copies of their data are stored on the device itself.

Additionally, it allows users to double spend because its safe mode disables signing while performing transactions. For this reason, we highly recommend you also use our “Ethereum Wallet” which is secure because its based on Jaxx Wallet, so anyone who hacks your account won’t have access to your funds (as long as they don’t know the seed). But if they do steal someone else’s seed then it gives them access to all funds connected with said account!