How To Transfer Xrp From Atomic Wallet To Ledger Nano S?

One of the most popular cryptocurrency wallet application these days, is Ledger Nano S. It was developed by SatoshiLabs and has gained a lot of popularity among enthusiasts for its simple UI and security features. However, despite how secure it may be, there are still various ways in which you can accidentally expose your account to hackers. Read More

I’d like to buy XRP with my fiat currency (AUD), but I do not see an option for this on atomic wallet ⚡️ ⏱ @LedgerHQ Not sure if country restrictions are blocking out Australia? But I’m converting AUD to USD first — James Kebbelle (@jameskebbelle) April 12, 2018

One of the main disadvantages that Ledgers cold storage carries within it , as well as other digital wallets such as Electrum or Trezor, is that they all don’t have a built-in exchange option so transactions happen upon signing with your PIN code at rates based on the current market price of Bitcoin . This means any transaction from your mobile phone must go through a complete process from buying Bitcoin , transferring to a digital bank account then onto a peer-to-peer exchange before it can be used anywhere else. How does this compare to having QRL easily sent directly into any bank account? Well Matt Barrie has just shared his simple way to convert QPQ into BTC