How To Transfer Xrp From Poloniex To Gdax?

So you want to sell your Ripple on Poloniex and then buy Ethereum or Bitcoin? If you are used to the Coinbase model of buying crypto with fiat, Poloniex will likely be a bit difficult for you even if their user interface is very similar.

We’ve created this guide so that others can follow how we were able to transfer our XRP from Poloniex to GDAX at no charge. The process was absolutely seamless and it really simplified things for us when following the guide below. We had our XRP in less than 3 minutes! How cool is that?

Step 1) Sign Up on GDAX ( Step 2) Open up an account at GDAX (signup on gooogle docs type in gdax). Step 3) Add funds on Google Docs; Transfer these instantaneously through your linked bank account ( instant transfers through credit card or bank wires require waiting time). Step 4) Add funds on Google Docs; When transferring coins between exchanges, try not to do a bunch of smaller transactions all at once if possible since they might take a while due to the volume size and could potentially disappear before being processed by all exchanges listed above. Step 5) Make sure regular bank deposits work well for you – No need to deposit-funds every week into GDAX, just keep them building up over time gradually adding more along the way if needed