How To Transfer Xrp Reserve To Another Wallet?

how to transfer xrp reserve to another wallet?

XRP is pretty much like any other cryptocurrency. You can use it or exchange it for your own, or you can convert it to another crypto. You can even sell XRP at an exchange for some other crypto, if you have the fiat on hand, which I don’t.

You generally need a Ripple account where you maintain your balance in XRP and send them to individual wallets address that are linked with that account. If you own an exchange that offers XRP then they will likely just wire the money directly into one of their accounts on behalf of its users voters/holders/owners….whatever word works for coin holders who use exchanges…and just send the same amount of XRP to your individual address too.

Yes, there are several addresses held within my Ripple account where I maintain physical reserves of various cryptocurrencies denominated in BTC, ETH and Litecoin (MCO) – but not XRP….though these are held using two different exchanges…Bittrex & Binance…so basically yes…they are held multiple places BUT only one is used at a time..for ease of use I often keep my long term balances in wallet software that allows me to get the best visibility without having to download dedicated wallets….

When i moved from Ethereum Classic (ETC) back over into ETC Hardware Wallet Trezor as well as moving all my funds over as