How To Transfer Xrp To Ledger Nano S?

and how to transfer xrp to ledger nano s?

3:03:51 AM I love watching these videos and this one was made by Roger Ver who is the CEO of Now, what you’re going to hear in this video we are going to talk about certain components of the crypto world like regulation, different types of technology behind blockchain like payment channels versus network nodes. How merchants can use smart contracts on the blockchain for instantaneous payments, how international trade works with crypto assets, what will happen in 2020 when BTC hits $1 million. This is all important information that every investor should know about the sector that they’re involved in. So thank you very much for taking your time out to watch my video on YouTube Live today. #bitcoin #BTC #cryptocurrency #cryptonews 3:04:42 AM You can always find me on Twitter or Instagram @keemstar where I post my daily thoughts & ideas whether it be cryptocurrency related or some other thing in life so do stay tune! Hope you enjoyed my video today! If anybody has any questions feel free to ask them there