How To Turn Litecoin Into Neo On Binance?

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In my opinion, they can never become a ‘silver’ coin. In my opinion, they can never become a ‘silver’ coin. The token itself is already volatile enough to make small groups of people wealthy overnight. Then there are the whales who have been very successful in making it a silver-token in its own right. How Can I Mine Bitcoin? | Genesis Mining There will be warnings that trading in crypto is very risky and no one knows when the coins will fall in value or tank entirely. The blockchain technology may succeed but not enough for all people to benefit from its usage.In comparison with other altcoins, NEO has always been underrated when it comes to price growth nor community size or development activity. However, there is a number of reasons why this could change in 2018 if NEO continues with the strong adoption plan that we saw through 2017 — particularly through developers and partnerships — and how we approach this article, we recommend you read our article on NEO predictions here: What Next for NEP-5 Tokens (NEO)? Neo price prediction

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