How To Turn Off Google Authenticator On Binance?

How To Not Get Google Authenticator On Binance .

How to setup google authenticator for binance | CryptoCompare.. How to setup google authenticator for binance. Posted by Jhn on gmail account “and more!”. October 10, 2018 It’s not the best time to buy bitcoin but this is what’s happening at Binance TRON has reached an all-time high price of $0.212 There are a number of steps you c… Read More » I have come across some users who had problems with recognition through their emails being blocked mainly due to spam issues or too many emails being sent from that email address in a short period of time etc., so how do you turn off the possibility for your email address to get recognized by google authenticator? There are several ways to disable it, however if you want it completely off then all you need is: Go: Settings: Security: 2-Step Verification: Save and check back here. This will be saved under options and can be used permanently; uninstall it; re install; set up again; save and keep that option where it belongs (differently than before). You may want or not want 2FA enabled in general but when using exchanges like between Coinbase between Kraken, Binance etc….you may bag yourself in such cases where someone claims they lost access/cannot log into your account if needed even when they were authorized via