How To Use A Crypto Hardware Wallet?

The most popular hardware wallet is the Ledger Nano S. Their most affordable model, the Nano S, has a balance of $99 and comes with a $60 warranty. Any problems we may have with this device will be covered by their warranty! It’s very easy to use and requires no setup whatsoever: just plug into your computer and open it up. Here is my review on that updated version:

Another great option for those wanting to invest in Bitcoin without getting ripped off is Mycelium Wallet ( When it first came out, they were unaffordable as their price was about $10 per month; now you can buy them at around ~$0.50 which makes them more affordable once again (and cheaper than the Ledgers!) You can download your mobile app on any IOS or Android mobile phone and use it as a second mobile devise (much like Venmo), but if you want to use it offline, then you can put all your private keys there instead of an online vault… money back guarantee! Read the full article here: