How To Use A Stop-Limit Order On Binance?

Most of the stop loss and take profit orders can be put on a position. This means that once they are on it, no matter what happens with your assets, the order is executed based on how much of your investment you have in this particular trade at any given time.

For example: if you place an order to buy 100 NEO under $10,000 this puts you in a long position and once overnight it hits 14k USD – 13% chance you end up losing money! If however, you had instead put a stop-loss at 11K USD the chances of losses gets cut almost in half to 7%.

Now that we know which order to use what is next? How do we actually implement one before our asset reaches 11k USD?

– Go to our TechNote’s area. An entry from there will lead us right into Binance Browser where I want us to place these orders as step by step instructions as observed by myself as well as other users who posted their experiences on Reddit here: or Official Forums here: