How To Use Binance Coins To Purchase On Binance?

There are many options to purchase using cryptocurrency. We will begin with BTC. As mentioned earlier, this is the easiest way to purchase, but because of the large number you can buy it could take quite some time for them to confirm which can leave you waiting on your screen until bitcoin transactions have been verified. Also, if you have a lot of BTC it takes forever for them to send from Coinbase which means they can take upwards of days for your coinbase account – I’ve seen some vendors put packages together in which they don’t even accept transfers from binance due to the delays. This method is called COD – cash on delivery and is an option that has become more popular as more vendors have started accepting payment in coss only- a very small percentage though. With this method, once your order arrives at your door you just need cash or a card and then deposit it into their merchant processor once accepted onto their platform ie: Bitpay reports direct deposits from addresses linked with these processors immediately but others might take up maybe 2 maybe 3 days? In any case coss cards get approved within 5 minutes usually direct banking would be fastest too but often times aren’t available where one lives anymore due to regulations etc… To do this all you need is a specific bank account set up by the vendor who accepts COSS payments directly and then cut/sign a check written on that account okay? You also get a confirmed receipt of acceptance into the vendor’s system after