How To Use Bitcoin Atm Machine Deposit To Binance?

Our Bitclub Network is about to release on August 3rd, 2018, the world’s first ATM dedicated exclusively to cryptocurrencies. The machine will be installed in 5 major Dutch cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Haarlem. It will enable you to sell your BTC/LTC for traditional fiat money (€) inside the Netherlands.

How it works? At this time one of our founders visits each city several times each week and exchanges their coins for fiat money with local entrepreneurs who are willing to support us by providing exchange services at any of their locations. These businessmen already exchange many other assets besides BTC/LTC but they are ready to help people like you or me that want to get into cryptocurrency with an easy way! They will provide you a link where you can deposit your coins for free so you can use them at our ATM machine. Whoever wants can also buy these coins directly from us using your bank account or credit card which gives you 30 days of premium service than if they used cash or Internet banking! You don’t need anything else than having an electronic wallet compatible with our machine in order to instantly gain access the virtual currency market in my country! If what they say is true then when I hold them I would want mine too!!! 😉 (after I read that article).

At this moment there are less than 10 machines installed in different countries all over Europe; however we intend in 5