How To Use Bitcoin To Buy Things?

So you have some Bitcoins and would want to use them for daily life? Read this article about how to buy real things with bitcoins. It includes a list of online vendors who accept credit card payments, but also include companies that allow direct money transfers to their bank account.

What is the recommended method of payment for these businesses? Credit cards are the most common because there are no additional fees (the 4-5% merchant discount rate is passed on to the buyer). Different payment methods vary in price, depending on the vendor. You can check out BitPay or ZipZap for comparison. Paypal is probably the cheapest option; although I haven’t used it myself, somebody shared an email address with me when writing this article so I might try it out soon… But if you do decide to pay with Paypal note that there is an additional fee associated with each transaction (e.g. 3% + $0.30).

If your purchasing power varies day by day or week by week, using bitcoin could prove very useful in many cases. Unfortunately though, not all merchants can update their prices in line with bitcoin’s value changes every few days or weeks; credit card transactions don’t follow this model at all! You need either to contact respective vendors before checking out or just ask them how much would be required to make up for supply & demand variability within 24 hours window—that will be based on volume of business done at any given