How To Use Dogecoin On Nano Ledger S?

this is a proper guide on how to set up a wallet and buy/sell dogecoin in the uk. you must be connected live on gab, google hangouts or skype irc to use this tutorial. or follow the instructions once your buddy buys some dogecoin from mcxnow with paypal as described below. scammers will always ask for money as payment before they start trading for you so beware of those who wish to trick you into giving them funds that have already been taken from you by another scammer! then they can easily steal your funds from all your other wallets too because there are millions of pieces of paper out there with no verifiable way to prove it belongs to you. if someone asks for money before they trade for you thats a red flag! dont give anyone permission to access any of your various exchanges accounts except through port 5555 which is used solely by btc-e exchange.bear witness i am not paid in dogecoins but i bought most probably 50 000 usd worth using simple golden links here:www.mcxnowminimum depositout balanceminimum depositout balanceSet up an account with bitstamptrade my 10 usdbitcoin + 200 dogeevery altcoinbitoptionsobviously its hackable, and results in more than 1 million possible mining setups so dont try anything stupid like trying to mine more than 1 million without creating multiple mining scripts and divide the hashing power between many rigs… sorry it’s impossible on