How To User Binance Api To Track Trades On Cointracking?

I think these are the two things you need to know.

the binance api is used to modify your account information on your behalf, so it can be changed at any time without having access to the accounts. moreover, it will allow you to receive mtgox style wallets that you can use for trading purposes. i’m not sure if they’re free or not though.

they also have a mtgox integration which allows you to mirror trades of other users using the same method as described above and display them in real time so that everyone who’s watching can track each others’ actions and comments on their charts – this would only cause problems if there were too many traders playing around with it at once so I wouldn’t suggest doing anything unless you trust no one else with it.

you could also soft-fork the blockchain by replacing every softfork transaction with a “test” transaction that has an extra OP_CHECKDATASIG completely funded address where all change outputs go instead of going back into the sender account (and this one contract). however, i don’t think anyone will bother or even know about bitcoinics yet – we’ll see how well forkless really works before we do anything like that – but feel free to look into it if ya want and compare notes! i’ve been working on trying out forkless today and haven’t gotten very much done yet because my wallet still crashes when I try to start regenerating blocks :