How To Withdraw Crypto From Crypto Com To Bank Account?

and how and when and how long?- best exchange?- is there any secure china based projects



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Sr. MemberActivity: 462Merit: 250 Re: [ANN][XEL] Elastic Project – The Decentralized Supercomputer May 25, 2016, 10:40:04 PM #776 Quote from: pikachuy on May 24, 2016, 10:11:37 PM Hey guys i want to change my mind in XEL but the only way to do this seems impossible yes you can sell your xel but before selling it make a place in telegram for discussion about this project or dont trust them if they ask you to sell your coins then know that there are some malware creators investing in their projects just waiting for months until everything is sold out. After they get what ever money from their victims they run away with the big amount of money.:/coinbase together with Poloniex is not a safe place right now so most of not even most of their developers have been withdrawing every month with few percent without asking for stuff.. after seeing what happened here I got scared ): im trying to hold my coins because i think lot of info regarding coin withdrawals has been cut off :/ this datawallet thing had more problems than normal withdraws (and these fuckers didnt say nothing) .. its use