How To Withdraw Money To Bank Account From Crypto Com?

You can withdraw to your bank account with Cryptopia Exchange, withdrawing is free. Here’s how to do it:

1) Login to your Cryptopia Account 2) Click “Withdrawals” on the right side 3) Create a customer support ticket 4) Follow the instructions

How much does it cost to transfer funds from Cryptopia?

Transferring BTC/LTC/BCH is $25USD or $10USD per 500,000 satoshis. Transferring ETH is $10USD or $10,000ETH per 1M Sktes. Transferring DOGE is $0.50 USD per Dogecoin. Transferring DASH is 10% of the amount transferred + 0.01 USD for each Dash (0-999DASH = 0.99 DASH + 1 DOLLAR). Opening a sell order will remove fees from your deposited funds as well as those from Sell Orders that currently have priority over your deposit. This will not reduce the available balance in sell orders that you have already placed either!