How Would Adding Xrp To Ripple Change The Price?

So what effect does ripple have on bitcoin? Since it is just an alt coin, does that mean that xrp would be used to manipulate bitcoin? I think there’s lots of speculation but not many facts. And who knows which facts are true and which are not.

I’d like to know how Ripple works so understand the effects of their products better than I currently do, but I only got the answer right now because someone mentioned it at the end of the thread. So, your take on this is bang on.It’s all about XRP (equivalently referred to as “ripple-xrp”), not Bitcoin (BTC).The distribution model means that 50% of new ripples will go directly into people’s wallets (aka “mined”). The remaining half goes into a series of escrow accounts controlled by either Gateway or its partner company, Opencoin (“Opencoin”). When creation reaches 15 billion (or whatever), every account holder will get any newly created ripple automatically transferred into their wallets after running some security checks/proofing procedure.There are two different ways in which a portion of a person’s wallet could turn into XRP:1) You sell some BTC for XRPLIf you have 1000 Bitcoins you have 1000 coins worth 1000 dollars — regardless whether those coins were originally worth 1 dollar or 1000 dollars each when they were set out in an account somewhere.. In short,. Of course there might be lots more shady reasons as to