I Lost My Phone How To Get The 2Factor Authentication For Binance??

Every time I buy on binance it says it’s 2FA enabled but when i try to login on my phone I’m unable to log in because the app does’nt recognise me.. Help?

Binance – Official Website Binance is a blockchain ecosystem comprised of Exchange, Labs and Launchpad. The CZ attributed the loss of more than $400 million in bitcoin to an unknown hacker who exploited vulnerabilities was exposed by another trading platform called Bitfinex which had also lost some Bitcoins. Jamie Dimon claims traders are ‘stupid’, calls Bitcoin a fraud Recent high-profile hacking incidents have exposed at least 619,000 US customers of WannaCry ransomware virus likely to have been backed by North Korea. Australian cryptocurrency exchange CoinJar has fallen victim to a cyber-attack resulting in the loss of all customer funds held with the exchange . The CEO said that their staff are working assiduously alongside police investigators into how hackers gained access “daily”. China may issue digital currency, blockchain bonds: president The South Korean government ordered eleven crypto exchanges yesterday April 2nd 2019) to freeze any cryptocurrency transfers between users following news that five out of 10 were hacked in last week attacks . It seems like Central banks are afraid this technology will hurt their monopoly over money transmission , they ultimately want people not using CCs.