I Sent Bcc To Btc On Accident Where Is My Coins Binance?

then i sent to my bank account with skrill, then the only thing that was on there from that account is 3000 BNB which is no big deal.



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NewbieActivity: 238Merit: 0 Re: BTC-Alpha – Bitcoin market quotes and data terminal August 17, 2018, 02:18:58 PM #3 Quote from: cryptodealer on August 15, 2018, 06:25:09 AM I got a trade bot for binance so can I use it at btc alpha also? Or do have to keep them separated if you want to trade different coins? Do I have to talk to them or just use their interface? Anyone as some experience doing this as well as how much does it cost for this service? Thank you guys very much! Can’t wait for btc alpha!

First of all let me help you understand what bitcoin alt coin trading bots are. They allow you type in what coins your interested in buying and see prices across multiple exchanges (e.g Poloniex/Bittrex). You don’t need it specially made by us at Alpha Trading Services; there are many different ones available online (some free). There’s Coinbase CFD (contracts) which allow you to make 1 day trades like USDT 100% 1-way but not squared size. Anyways these things are called ‘trading bots