Odel – Why Xrp Needs A High Price?



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MemberActivity: 75Merit: 10 Re: What is the next altcoin to hit it big? February 02, 2014, 05:48:35 PM #120 Quote from: ocminer on November 16, 2013, 08:49:04 AM Quote 3. NEM – is the best of All. They are working on their economy & features which will make them more attractive. If they succeed in what they are currently doing ,they are gonna become very stable coin with high value . Initially people thought IOTA was better than NEM but now I think its gonna be same for both coins if not better for IOTA. They have faster block generation rate which gives higher security to network & at the same time allows merchant to process payments thousands of times faster than bitcoin . And also they use PoW-DSA where public key algorithm is different each new generated account thereby increasing security even more than PoW does . Also if this new algorithm will catch up then DSA would be almost unbreakable & increase security for distributed systems generally on whole lot. People should stop thinking crypto currency can only do one thing well ,try researching some else’s coin before you come back here with your Nuke forum ban evasion charges on top of our heads…there cant possibly be anything ridiculous on this forum that I’ve missed yet…not truely false ripples about many topics that get discussed