On Binance When They Ask For Valid Id Card Number?

Binance supports SEPA, Wire Transfer and Credit/Normal (also known as ACH) deposits. On the other hand, for United States-based customers, CEX.I is their preferred choice since they offer USD cold storage via Stripe. After logging into your account on Coinbase.com you will see the upper left corner says “Coinbase Account” which is where you’ll input your real name, email address and create a password to access your Binance account with no issues. You can check out our guide to buying crypto currency exchanges affiliate program . Note: As of today (07/29/2018), Binance has been hacked! This hack should be considered a warning from government authorities about using an exchange that may be hacked in the future because this hacks shows you what happened when large amounts of money worth millions were lost … In other words if someone knows how to hack big exchanges it will happen again … The good news for this latest Binance hack? They have already fixed it! So while its important to know that this could happen again its also important not to let yourself get paralyzed by fear but instead use these hacks as a learning opportunity because many other banks and cryptocurrency exchangers have also been hacked over the years thus there is a lot that blockchain technology can do better allowing cyber security experts from around the world come together so we all get safer online!! If Hack 1 was found on July 29th at 1:13PM EST then how did hackers