See When A Coin Was Added To “Binance”?

Do the ants have their own “binance” ?

I think it’s better when there is no namedrop at all, so you don’t have to kill your head when someone “broke in” and mentioned an exchange. If you do want to talk about something, please speak more general terms of what’s happening (e.g. “trading”, not “binance”, etc).

More specifically, here are some suggestions:

1) Try writing less text. The level of information that people need to process these days is very high; if it takes 2+ lines of English to say what 50 characters would get across in Japanese, then people will stop reading after two sentences! Instead, I recommend introducing yourself with a short sentence or two (rather than trying to explain/simplify the exchange), and include interesting visual representations (tables/graphs) for some points rather than just words on the page–a table gives concrete numbers while also putting things into definitive graphs; graphs can also give simple comparison between similar scales that way it feels like staring at a 2D graph while watching moving pictures on TV which both frees up language while automatically conveying information. I’m not saying it needs to be grammatically accurate but if you write things poorly enough nothing needs getting across anyway!

2) Don’t write bullet point lists where every single item on the list is important–the best way I’ve seen described how this should work was by