What Address To Use To Withdraw From Binance?

Once you have your secret key, simply copy it from the browser. This won’t require downloading just yet.

Second part: running a linux script that runs minerd for us

You will need to download a file similar to this one for your local system which does all the heavy lifting. It leverages THC’s API calls and thus will only work for you for as long as it is hosted by THC. It basically runs a full node in our peer group and connects through libuv to the mainnet binance API. You can use any method you want to run a local full node here including the Qt wallet from binance itself, Electrum or even lightweight GPU miners! Just pick something that works for your hardware and doesn’t require mining fees on top of those CPU/GPU resource needs 😉 In this tutorial we will be using Electrum as examples but feel free to use whatever your local setup allows you to do! After downloading put it into some directory like ~/.electrum . Then open another terminal window with pari-binaries prepped already set up (see above). We’ll also need two environment variables defined before running anything: VAR1 = EDRKRESERVATIONHOST = YOURHOSTNAME HashCashAddress = “YOURSCHEQUE” Replace YOURSCHEQUE with whichever address(es) are associated with your chosen path of the wallet so