What Can You Buy With A Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency or a digital currency. Here are all the ways that you can use bitcoin to buy products and services: Online retailers; Payment systems; Online gift cards; Physical gift cards, like for Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) or Walmart (NYSE:WMT); Paying with bitcoins on websites like Namecheap (NASDAQ:NAEC); Businesses who accept it as payment through third-party processors. Buying bitcoins yourself will allow you to instantly exchange them for physical currency at any ATM, bank branch, retail store, hotel, airport information kiosk or online retailer.

Are there stores where I can pay with Bitcoin?

Yes! With over 14 million retail locations worldwide accepting bitcoin through BitPay’s payment processing network, you can now spend your virtual currency at many popular merchants including Abra Hotel Bookers , Expedia , Microsoft Store and Shopify . Merchants are able to integrate their point of sale system with their website making everything much quicker and easier for both buyer and vendor. In addition to the benefits of directly dealing with merchants themselves–such as 24/7 support–BitPay provides greater exposure for all kinds of businesses especially those that offer goods or services that may not be traditional fare for consumers looking to pay in crypto assets. At this time Coinbase sells gift cards from dozens of major retailers such as Amazon

How do I purchase Bitcoin?