What Caused The Spike In Xrp In January?

If you take a very early snapshot of r/bitcoin, you will see that the post detailing Accusations against Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse peaked at 10k upvotes. To put this into perspective, even going back to October 2017 this is a ridiculously high score for a reposting of a press release from almost two years ago. Why was it popular? What caused the spike in xrp in january?We need to keep an eye out for these sorts of indicators as they can help us spot trends and stories that may have been missed before. In January 2018 however we witnessed something quite different as well as many other journalists got swept up in the wave of excitement surrounding XRP and all things xRapid related. Of course there are other incentives too such as Wall Street wanting to get involved wxth blockchain technology but what really sparked the fire here was Taylor’s tweet:So Taylor’s tweet netted a total of 9032 likes and 4242 retweets shortly after its posting which isn’t bad at all – perhaps even too much for most fans of mainstream media who would probably find it difficult explaining their love for cryptocurrency / blockchain news to their parents or colleagues respectively. The more interesting thing here though is that he got just 30 likes on his original tweet not 4k likes which means according to our scoring system only 0.02% more users were motivated by his original post than Youtubers like CryptoJunkee who posted about xRapid itself so let