What Dies Yhe Blue Line Mean Binance Chart?

asked by Mike Tibbs (–):

Hi, I am looking to trade bitcoin for USDT. What are the best exchanges to do this? Do they have any performance issues? How can I avoid common scammer tactics when trading with bitcoin without having access to a centralized exchange like binance or bitfinex? Any advice is welcome! Thanks in advance!

Response: Both Poloniex and Binance offer trading of Tether for Bitcoins. There are some differences between them, but most importantly they both provide fiat deposits in USD only. That means that you’ll need full custody over your funds when placing orders on these platforms. You will also need wallets or an e-wallet which support mining it isntead of market transactions. The biggest difference seems to be that polo is more focused on the Indian market whereas binance supports several languages,. This lets it reach more people who might not understand English all that well.. This comes at a cost though.. They charge higher fees than binance so your expected profit may be less per day using binance vs polo even though their order sizes are about the same.. To give you an example of what most people see, if lourne uses 500 satoshis for this transaction he would get 100 USDT… If lourne used 500USD for this transaction he would barely get 10… Considering how expensive it will be to actually purchase tether on polo or bINANCE then you should