What Do You Need To Do To Borrow Crypto With Compound? Coinbase?

hello! and welcome to crypto, i hope you enjoy your stay we currently have $1000 worth of crypto lending here at the studio. we’ll be happy to lend out more if you decide to visit us again. if you’re interested in checking us out before deciding whether or not our spot is for you, please take a look at this article: 1) What do you need? 2) How much will I borrow? 3) How fast will it be lost? 1) what do you need to do? just come on by and pick whatever cryptocurrency we happen to have available (we might hold some open loans other than cryptos). alternatively, send us an email and let us know which other cryptocurrencies we should acquire – we’ll check them out first and make sure they aren’t too hard for people like you. 2) how much will I borrow? every loan has a different amount cap – as such, there’s no “best” amount that’s easiest for everyone as long as it’s still less than 100% of your holdings (if not all; but never more than 100%). within those constraints though, the best amount varies from person to person depending on what else is going on with their lives – so there’s no easy answer. most borrowers are able to go up only 200-300% of their cryptocurrency holdings without feeling too stressed about losing it all. once your loan runs out of credit hours, your gains are sent directly back into the same position they were when the