What Do You Need To Mine Dogecoin?

Quote from: kasadi50 on August 10, 2014, 01:03:09 PM Quote from: dragonlord on August 09, 2014, 02:31:36 AM

Do you need a specific program to mine dogecoin? If yes then which one do you think it best suitable for mining this coin? I prefer CGMiner and searching the topic all over the forum but cannot find help regarding this.

Can someone help me ASAP pls.. Nvm…. Managed to get it working with CCminer… Now everything is fine if i can’t manage to get it mined here is my research below :

1) Which DGW BTC FPGA’s are necessary and how many of them should be used? Let me see…

2) What do you need to buy those hardware components like psu or cables or fan etc.?

3) If anyone knows the difference between model A744T-7001 and B744T-7001 ? Is there any difference in performance as far as I know either they will perform same no matter which one we buy. However what differentiates between them would be better performance by using smaller unit (i.e model b rather than a?). So please tell me any detail about these two models. As both of them will work similarly by default ( same clock speed ?) …. But want to know some detail related spec ? So clearer with details things may become more clear during explanation