What Does Top Secret Crypto Clearance Mean?

Brian: “I can’t answer that.”

Brian: “Speak with Captain Young. He was in charge of security on the… oh shit.. we were harbouring Osama bin Laden.. and he knows everything there is to know about it.”

Feeling hurt and angry, I did speak with him and he did confirm what I had heard from Brian, but explained that they got into it because of his position as director of security for this project. Sounds like sour grapes to me! So really, the only person who knew anything about what it took to get a Top Secret Crypto Clearance was him. Feels like he might have lied too just so he would get the juicy role on the NASA tour! Also sounds like Brian doesn’t want anyone to know which jobs we do while we live here at NASA — maybe something more nefarious again…. Oh well, you make your own decisions and I will keep my own thoughts to myself…. 🙂