What Happens If I Get A Binance Referral Id?

When you refer somebody to us and then they end up signing up and using the referral (i.e. depositing and trading with their BTC/ETH), you will be paid a commission from the amount of ETH or BTC your referred transaction creates within 24 hours, per our terms. You can find more information on how commissions work here: https://bchain.co/sales-commissions/#faq

Do fees vary as market is going up or down?

We have a flat 10% Tx fee on all trades that all users pay regardless of price movement. Those fees go towards paying the costs of running the platform, including security audits, operating expenses associated with keeping everything online and keeping everything secure properly for users around the world. We don’t monitor or control movements in rates or prices of ETH or BTC however we do try to make sure that our percentage is adjusted accordingly every now and again with regard to price increases etc for maximum profit without sacrificing security too dramatically though!

Can I trade derivatives? Can I bet my money against someone else’s? Will it ever be possible to set limits on my losses or winnings? What about margin trading using futures contracts with cryptos!? WOW!! That sounds really cool!!!! Don’t EVER let me use those things!!! They’re SCAMS!!!!! It’s a Ponzi Scheme… wait… No… WRONG!! You can trade futures contracts but there are some significant restrictions on what you can