What Happens If Xrp Is Deemed A Security?

” Are you seriously asking for this? Game theorists will tell you, “Nothing happens.”

Why so confident though? Charlie Lee, the creator of litecoin asked Twitter “How can coinbase buy $100 milllion in ripple after it’s deemed a security? How does that make sense?! This devalues bitcoin by orders of magnitude.”

Of course, Coinbase recovers after SEC dismisses rumors Mike Novogratz worried Ripple (XRP) would be declared as currency. However, others like Binance CEO Changpeng Zou reassured everyone everything was ok with XRP. He shared on social media how he thinks the XRP is safe despite the recent SEC official announcement to its investors. CCN also reported about two other exchanges announcing their willingness not to delist any cryptocurrency following the SEC announcement. Bithumb and CoinOne have both released statements promising to respect the original intention of the US federal administration regarding identification of tokens being considered securities or commodities under UCC Article 2(1)(a).