What Happens When I Sell Alt Coins On Binance?


Good morning, today we review if it is possible to sell your altcoins on binance without loosing any of the price. To answer this question we need to know a few things about binance. Here they are: Binance is a platform that allows us to trade cryptocurrencies with each other and not just one at a time. It was founded in June 2018 by Changpeng Zhao, who formerly served as Binance’s CEO from 2017-2018. The idea behind the site was take advantage of the booming interest in cryptocurrencies by offering a simple way for users to buy bitcoin and ethereum using fiat currencies such as USD or even Tether – which is basically US dollars attached to an ether account – for example via bank transfer or credit card. They have been extremely successful so far – as soon as they were founded they had 16 currencies listed as available on their platform compared with Coinbase, Gemini and many other sites/exchanges which only allow you to buy Bitcoin & Ethereum today.

In order for an altcoin owner/investor/trader etc to be able to sell them directly from binance, whether physical coins or paper wallets etc, he/she must first deposit the coin(s) into his trading account at Binance (or any other exchange). He can then proceed selling those coins through his “trade” function within binance itself – much like how people would log into their exchange accounts on xchange