What Is A Crypto Ipsec Session Down?

7d ago, i needed to reinstall my linux kernel. after doing this some kernel modules were loaded only by the ipsec part of the driver for dm-crypt. i didn’t notice it until now but this was not good because dm-crypt is enabled only if all the other device drivers are properly installed (and working); therefore no dm-crypt was available on boot again at all.

however there is a way to go right back to using dm-crypt on startup without rebuilding or reinstalling the whole system; that is with setting up a new crypto ipsec session – which you normally do through ifconfig eth0 “up” so basically you want to set up…

sudo sh -c ‘echo “paused”; echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward’ && sudo sh -c ‘ifconfig eth0 && \ sudo ifconfig xl2tpd hw ether 0:f8:ee:a7:64:e5’ &> /dev/null ; then echo $? #Not reached exit $? #Successful fi

to have access in future again via ssh, telnet and rlogin to devices behind your router by connecting 2nd partition at egress interface (“ecapitel2” in the example below, but any custom name works) and then