What Is A “Deposit Tag” Binance?

Answer: The best working method is to use the app, binance-trade.io – you can spend crypto to crypto or fiat to crypto usaide in your wallet outside of the platform . It provides free USD product, do not need personal account! Deposit voucher price at 0.01 BTC low limits and high limits are available here by your request! If you have any problems with depositing or withdrawing cryptocurrency products, please contact support through mail address support@binance-trade.io

Give me withdrawal url for my deposit tag bitcoin (BTC) ??? Now I am registered on this site binance exchange?

Requests of withdrawal from an asset amounting more than 1 million dollars coin receive a special reward program. Otherwise, you will receive instantly for 20 000 usd limit! For any questions about our service and attention of the team we recommend contacting customer service (support@binance-trade.io). Before sending a complaint over e-mail make sure that all the information required in help requests keeps addressed correctly otherwise it will be rejected and leave your email address unattended wasting time on pointless issues. We apologize for such reaction but we had no other choice if wanted to remain costumer friendly! If there is something that I should add into description just tell me on Telegram https://t.me/binance_crypto_chat [to get it]. There is also new article which explain us benefits: How does payment work?