What Is A Safe Secure Wallet For Xrp?

Dagami Hey folks,

I have a few questions about safe & secure cold wallets. I dont wanna go the paper wallet route because the main purpose is to be able to use my coin right away without having to wait for tx confirmations etc.

In terms of security, should I consider any one of these options? Each has its benefits and drawbacks too.

1) Ledger Nano S – this is a good option if you mainly take BTC/ETH since it supports all other cryptos too. But you can also do altcoins with it but your transaction fee will increase significantly if not using Ether or BTC. It only gives offline cold storage while compatible with multi-currency hot wallets like Mycelium while storing multiple crypto coins at once. You can even see your balance in fiat currency just by clicking on the USD link in the top right corner of the wallet (there’s an option for almost all banks).

2) Trezor Model T – good mobile/web app support & very secure hardware wallet that can store many currencies and offline cold storage at once including multiple coins within each supported altcoin. The bad thing is that you cannot dashboard them yourself and need someone who knows how it works before letting them manage your funds since they are “managed” through access codes encrypted on their devices…not passphrases unfortunately unlike many online services (which makes me much more uncomfortable).

My concern is that