What Is “Label” When Withdrawing On Binance?

| How long do withdrawals take?

Complaints about exchange withdrawal delays are likely to increase as the volume of cryptocurrency exchanges grows. As BTCChina Wallet said on Twitter, ”

BTC China CEO Bobby Lee told CNBC that he is considering moving all users’ funds to another trading platform or another cryptocurrency exchange, but will only move the equivalent of around 30 percent of deposit for any given account. Meanwhile, deposits at BTC China can be switched between cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ether and litecoin. Looks like stop-loss orders are now quite popular in China…No wonder full reserve requirements are being questioned by many Chinese investors!

On July 29th 2017 traders at Huobi decided they would no longer trust their deposits with traditional banks after seeing various reports on Weibo including one boy explaining that his bank had forced him to transfer money back home which was later misappropriated by corrupt officials (“该支行对我只有在还银行账户时担保交易。这件事情现在已经多年没有回报了!!”), thus undercutting local people’s trust in domestic financial institutions . Many other traders have chosen not to withdraw from Huobi since then. Huobi has not responded directly to news outlets who have called about