What Is My Ethereum Address?

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Now you know what is Ethereum. Now let us understand the top Ethereum exchanges in detail. Note: The list of these exchanges may not be complete and accurate. So, don’t get stressed if there is no exchange in your country or state that supports Ethereum. In future when bitcoin forks to create hard-forked version, ERC will follow this fork too, however when it happens , we can wait for some years before any official announcement from anyone. First and foremost Cryptopia is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform and it also trades many other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Feathercoin (FTC). You can trade any coin here including ETH because Cryptopia offers all Altcoins without extra fees unlike local wallets which charge high fees to withdraw its altcoins such as Ripple(XRP) and Etherium(ETH).Here’s how it works: Buy bitcoins using your bank account OR use debit/credit card or wire transfer to buy bitcoins using your bank account then send them to digital currency exchange like Coinbase to convert them into ETH . Once you have purchased ETH at Coinbase , transfer it to MyEtherWallet where you can register an address associated with your newly bought ethers OR If you already own an ERC20 token like NEO, GAS, ADA etc., make changes by creating new tokens on Luno Exchange or Changelly Exchange where they offer 0% fee for every