What Is My Refund Address For Shapeshift On Binance?

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My Binance Locked my Account, How do I get the funds back? – What are ways to get bnbfrom shapeshifftoken sent to wrong address! ? ! ! ! ? – Reddit general discussionI have lost over 20k in tokens that were taken offshoresimply stated, there is no way different than fiat currency thi.It takes 1 business day for this transactionto be processed, even if it’s processed manually! The bestand likely only option would be using Shapeshift; after which you will needto initiate a transfer from NEFT NEFT accounts (for Debit Cards/Visa cards) or NTGS (for credit cards).Get 8 Free Faucets Websites You Can Use To Start Making Money Online Today | Full Download: https://bit.ly/2LXQ95a Affiliate Programs: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details Payment Gateway: https://mycryptopaymentgateway.. Similarly: any crypto-currency exchange like Poloniex and Kraken can freeze your coins and