What Is The Advantage To Using Bnb To Trade On Binance?

It’s not possible to use bnb for verification of new account on binance. Right now, only the owners of the accounts can trade on Binance exchange.

What is supported Cryptocurrencies on Binanace?

The Binance exchange supports 11 different cryptocurrencies (on July 4th, 2018). The list of supported coins is updated automatically and it does not depend on Binance’s developers. We recommend that you learn more about each cryptocurrency or ask for information about additional coins which are future additions to this list (marked with ?).

Since April 13thеrе 9 есаnо Tор 17 кэт 28 h 59 m P l E R I OУ L Y X R V A M S P U M N J O K H U N Z Additionally, the Binance platform offers four ERC-20 tokens: 0x (ZRX), Augur (REP), GNO (GNT) and OMG (OMG). You may also use ETH & USDT as trading pair for these tokens. What kinds of Tokens are Supported by Binance Exchange? Tokens must meet certain criteria in order to be listed by BNB token holders. First, all tokens should have technically significant functionality within their ecosystem – i.e., they must serve a utility role rather than being investment vehicles or securities. This helps us maintain high quality standards, avoid fraud risks and protect investors from potential